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Data/Czas: 18/05/2019 - 24/05/2019 | 18:00-12:00
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Get trained for contributing to the socio-ecological transformation! If you live in Armenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Moldova, Poland, or Ukraine and are active in formal and non-formal youth education, join our international training with the guiding question: How can there be a good life for all within the ecological limits of our planet?


During the session, you will have got an opportunity to:
-deepen your understanding of the pros and cons of economic growth,
-discover alternative ways of living and doing economics,
-develop own ideas and interact with participants from six different countries,
-learn methods and approaches on how to work with youngsters on the topic of sustainability.


The predominant economic model of our time is based on unlimited growth and the exploitation of natural resources. But how can there be infinite growth on a finite planet?

Manifold crises –including climate change, increasing social disparities across the globe, large migration movements, an unstable financial system and a loss of confidence in political institutions –indicate that the capitalist system is failing.

Together we will critically reflect upon the growth paradigm and explore paths to a post-growth society that is more democratic, sustainable, and shows solidarity. During the training, we will use different methods and approaches from the field of education for sustainable development that can be used afterwards also in the local contexts.

There is a participation fee per person which includes full-board accommodation and programme:
ARM: 30€, BUL: 50€, GER: 150€, MOL: 20€, POL: 75€, UKR: 20€

The training will be taking place from 18th until 24th May 2019 in the Ecological Training Center in the Eco-Village Rîşcova, Moldova.

Read more information and register at


Fundacja Krzyżowa dla Porozumienia Europejskiego

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