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Personal Democracy Forum CEE
Data/Czas: 04/04/2019 - 05/04/2019 | 00:00-23:59
Lokalizacja: Europejskie Centrum Solidarności | plac Solidarności 1 | Gdańsk

PDF CEE 2019 will be a three-day adventure including sparkling keynote presentations, hands-on-work workshop sessions, time for networking and fun side events. The annual conference offers space for experience exchange for people working for civic participation and transparency in public life with the help of new technologies in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. Launched in Poland in 2013, it is a regional branch of New York City PDF organized by Civic Hall (earlier Personal Democracy Media) since 2004.


The seventh edition of the conference will be organised under the overarching theme:



We keep worrying about mistrust and we tend to blame it for increasing populism, spreading fake news and communities breaking apart. This is only part of the truth. Regardless of its object, trust is always there. The question is in what and In Whom We Trust.

We connect with the outside world in several ways: while we voluntarily affiliate with friends and communities, the relations with governments are imposed on us – whether we want it or not. We live in the illusion of having a choice about what news and information we are fed with. Our echo chambers often situate us in semi-voluntary networks.

Conscious trust in someone or something should be built across all networks of dependencies we belong to. This is never an easy process. The Broken Feedback Circle makes us know less about each other’s needs, opinions and experiences. We live in the era of mass products, fast services, big numbers and quick results. Somewhere on the way, we lose good will to acknowledge the authentic individual and collective experience. Eventually, we are left with Citizen Fake-Xperience.

Increasing trust is a matter of good collaboration between communities, society, governments and individuals. But Good Collaboration Hurts. We should provide solutions rather than deliver products. Governments and media should not feel comfortable with simply bringing in “cool” tools and attractive clickbaits. “They” and “we” should work together on developing processes, defining impactful problems and discovering effective results.

At this year’s PDF CEE we will explore the ways we can glue back broken circles of trust, build solid collaborations and change authentic individual and collective experience into meaningful solutions.

The third edition of Festival of Civic Tech for Democracy will follow on April 6, 2019.

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